MCAT practice tests are designed to be simulations of the real exam. Question banks can be: 1) chapter, topic or sectional practice questions (with and/or without passages) that may or may not be at the same level of a real MCAT exam.

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Complete and Customised GAMSAT Courses

Welcome to Goldstone Primary School. We are very proud of our school and hope you will wish to become part of our plans for maintaining and extending our ideals.

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A name you can trust. All handouts are included in your course fee and will be provided on the day of the seminar. Please bring a pencil and pen for each day of class and a notepad for your notes, calculations and diagrams.

Also, please bring picture ID to the first class for registration. Students are not permitted to make video recordings of our courses. No calculators are needed since they are not permitted for the exam. Please bring your ACER GAMSAT practice booklets or e-book access with your electronic device or print-out so that if time is left at the end, worked solutions can be presented in class.

Since Gold Standard has already placed all Section 3 worked solutions on YouTube, we do not focus on using precious class time for that purpose. However, when there is applicability to content you have just learned in class, we may briefly examine content from ACER. It is not necessary for you to bring the Gold Standard GAMSAT textbook to class; however, if you have any questions regarding any content from the book, you can bring it and there will be time for you to clarify any issues in class.

Handouts will only be given to the registered students in the classroom. Problem-based learning PBL is a student-centered active learning process in which students learn about a subject through the experience of solving problems. Students learn both thinking strategies and relevant knowledge. PBL is the most popular learning technique in medical schools across the world because research has shown that students learn better and remember longer as compared to traditional lectures.

Virtually all students - regardless of academic background - participate in solving GAMSAT practice questions, and discuss responses as well as strategies. The role of the instructor is to facilitate learning by supporting, guiding, and teaching background content.

Although PBL is central to the way we help to optimise your learning, it is your choice. If you do not wish to participate for any reason, when you register for class on the morning of the seminar, please let the instructor know and we will respect your choice.

This experience informs the construction of our VR exams. Then, we listened to recurring exam themes from students as reported in public forums, with an emphasis on the most recent real exams.

To be clear, we have no interest in replicating precise questions; our objective is to replicate the reasoning through themes which can be applied to innumerable other scenarios that ACER may construct. We have taken our top MCQs: All of this, and you can sit the VR test as a proctored exam in a classroom with your peers. You will receive raw scores, scaled scores, and your 2 essays corrected and returned to you within 1 week with helpful, constructive comments.

VR-1 is followed by 2 full days of deconstruction, strategies and PBL. VR-2 is followed by online access to answers, helpful worked solutions including Section 3 background videos where applicable. For 8 full days, join us to expand your knowledge, develop your reasoning, and learn new strategies. Our 3 books pages; 3. Each book is in colour with dimensions of 21 x It includes a PIN to provide one-year online access to answers and worked solutions for all 10 exams.

After viewing the video, take the time to solve the online chapter review practice questions which range from very basic up to GAMSAT level. A reasoned approach to study for GAMSAT Section 3 is to begin by brushing up on your basic maths skills, then consider reviewing and practicing the following subjects in this order: Our extensive GS video library includes our 'old school' and 'new school' teaching videos, as well as virtual classroom videos. Watching videos while taking very brief notes and reviewing those notes frequently represents an important part of comprehensive GAMSAT preparation.

Theo Mahendradatta, former President. Our courses hold no affiliation nor have we sought or received endorsements from these colleges or organisations.

Date January 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31; February 15 options: Date January 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11; March 16, Time 9 am to 5 or 5: How to prepare for class What to bring to class What is problem-based learning? Jan 13, 20, 27; Feb 3, 10, 17, 24; March 3, 10, 17, Options: Section 1 and Section 2.

Learning to Grade, PBL grade and be graded Elementary Physical Sciences followed by 10 minute break Elementary Organic Chemistry Physical Sciences Review Section 3. Physics, General Chemistry Biological Sciences Review Section 3. Biology, Organic Chemistry Full-length Proctored Mock Exam. Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences Written Communication 2 essays Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences Section 1 and Section 2 Perth Day 1: Section 1 and Section 2 Sydney Day 1: Section 1 and Section 2 Melbourne Day 1: Section 1 and Section 2 Brisbane Day 1: Section 1 and Section 2 Adelaide Day 1: Section 1 and Section 2 Dublin Day 1: Section 1 and Section 2 London.

Physical Sciences Review Section 3 London. Biological Sciences Review Section 3 London. Full-length Proctored Mock Exam London. Our aim is to help you optimise your score in the most efficient way possible. You can find a Study Plan that you can download and more advice here: Dr Ferdinand has free one-hour live online monthly seminars: Although science graphs can be very complex, it will make Section 1 tables and graph interpretation much easier.

Consider bringing snacks and bottled water as refreshments are not included. What is problem-based learning PBL?