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In , this was approximately 3 percent of world production, which is less than several of the largest state-owned petroleum companies. ExxonMobil and American Power , says that he thinks that ExxonMobil is "able to determine American foreign policy and the fate of entire nations". In Canada, the company holds 5.

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ExxonMobil also has interests in other fields in the North Sea operated by other companies and an interest in major pipeline systems that transport oil and gas from the North Sea to terminals on the north east coast of England and Scotland.

Gas from the northern and central North Sea is piped to processing plants at St Fergus on the north-east coast of Scotland and also to Teesside and Bacton. Gas from the southern North Sea fields is piped to plants either at Bacton or Theddlethorpe on the east coast of England where it is processed before being fed into the Transco National Transmission System and distributed to end users.

Its European activities are coordinated from its office in Leatherhead. Gas is sold to a range of customers including the power generation industry, and also gas distribution companies, who re-sell gas to customers in the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.

European gas demand is expected to grow at about one per cent a year over the next 20 or so years, while regional production of natural gas is anticipated to begin declining in the next several years. This growing gap between demand and local production will result in a rapid increase in the need for imported gas supplies from new LNG and pipeline projects. Limited, the company is involved in multiple field developments, and has significant ownership interests in multiple offshore gas-gathering pipeline systems, and onshore processing facilities at Mossmorran in Scotland, and at Bacton in England.

From its office in Leatherhead and, where necessary with consultation with other infrastructure owners, requests for third party access to these pipelines, processing and fractionation facilities are assessed. Both pipelines started commercial operations in and provide additional gas import capacity to the U.

South Hook received its commissioning cargo in In the last twelve months until the end of June , South Hook safely received, re-gasified and delivered LNG equivalent to around 15 per cent of the U.

South Hook has the capacity to receive more LNG - enough to meet around one fifth of Britain's gas needs. We are one of the largest petrol retailers in the U. We serve around , customers every day, days of the year, through our retail network of more than 1, Esso-branded service stations. Mobil 1 is a high quality synthetic motor oil that provides cars with an outstanding level of engine protection and increased fuel economy. It is the top choice of most major motor manufacturers.

Find out more about Mobil lubricants for motorists. We also sell fuels and lubricants to industrial, aviation and marine customers.

Our outstanding levels of customer service are supported by our refining and distribution operations. Situated on Southampton Water, it has a modern marine terminal that handles around 2, ship movements and 22 million tons of crude oil and other products every year. The refinery processes some , barrels of crude oil a day and supplies around 14 per cent of all petroleum products used in the U.

Situated on Southampton Water, it has a mile-long marine terminal that handles around 2, ship movements and 22 million tons of crude oil and other products every year. We are committed to the very highest safety, health and environmental standards. But we are never complacent and are always exploring ways of further improving the safety and integrity of our operations. Safety is the first priority in all our activities and our safety performance across the Fawley site is excellent.

Workers at Fawley are significantly safer than the average in the European oil and chemical industry. Although our safety performance continues to earn us awards, we know we are not perfect. We are committed to learning from our mistakes and will not be satisfied until our operations are flawless.

We continue to improve our environmental performance. The site's emissions to atmosphere have been falling steadily. This highly energy efficient combined heat and power CHP unit burns fuel at an efficiency of 75 per cent, twice the efficiency of a conventional power station. Energy efficiency improvements over recent years have led to significant reductions in emissions - equivalent to taking , cars off British roads every year.

Our record on releases of oil in water used by the refinery is also excellent. The site draws over , tons of sea water from Southampton Water every day, mostly for cooling purposes.

When it is returned to the sea after purification it is often cleaner than when it was extracted. The thriving saltmarsh on the seaward boundary of the site is a testament to our environmental performance. The land boundary of the site is surrounded by a tree screen containing some 50, mature trees and shrubs, originally planted some 50 years ago.

The refinery and adjacent chemical manufacturing plant are committed to being responsible neighbors and have a well-established program of community links in the area. A newsletter about the Fawley site, Community Matters , is distributed to local residents six times a year.

Chemicals ExxonMobil Chemical is one of the world's largest petrochemical manufacturers. Over 90 per cent of the chemical capacity that we own and operate is integrated with our large refining complexes or natural gas processing plants. We employ nearly people plus up to contractors at our site in Fawley near Southampton, and we have around employees and 50 contractors at our ethylene plant at Fife in Scotland.

At Fawley, ExxonMobil Chemical produces approximately , tons of chemical products every year. We are the major European manufacturer of halobutyl rubber that is used in products such as tire linings. More than 90 per cent of the chemical products produced at Fawley are exported by ship either to ExxonMobil Chemical plants in Europe for further processing or to third party customers all over the world.

The ethylene plant at Fife is one of Europe's largest and most modern ethylene plants. Officially opened in at Mossmorran, 25 miles north of Edinburgh, it was the first plant specifically designed to use natural gas liquids NGL from the North Sea as feedstock. The Fife Ethylene Plant has an annual capacity of , tons, around 50 per cent of which is shipped to Antwerp for further processing, while the remainder is produced for Shell Chemical Limited.

TPEs manufactured at the site are marketed under the trademark Santoprene. TPEs are products that perform like rubber, but can be processed with the speed, efficiency and economy of thermoplastics. Around 50 per cent of TPE sales are to the automotive industry, but the versatile product is also used by the construction industry and for consumer goods, such as flexible toothbrushes and kitchen utensils.

Fawley chemical manufacturing plant At Fawley in Hampshire, Esso Petroleum Company, Limited and ExxonMobil Chemical Limited operate one of the largest and most complex oil refining and petrochemical manufacturing sites in Europe.

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Career Opportunities if you have the right qualification and experience, the UK job market Exxon Mobil oil company needs to offer you a job to fill a gap that cannot be filled from within the resident labour force. This skills list is also known as the Exxon Mobil oil Field shortage occupation list. This position is available on five years Job-share basis.

Good working experience would be of advantage to you and all applying candidates must have a valid international passport.