A2A P3D V4 C-172

11/6/ · I cant seem to ;ocate a forum for the A2A products, so I will put the question here. Does anyone know if the A2A B Stratocruiser for FSXwill work inP3D? Thanks.

Please note; Due to the in depth simulation of the Boeing , shared cockpit multiplayer is not supported System requirements: It must have made for the crews passing their 6 monthly checks quite easy as losing an engine was quite normal littlevc The huge airline investment in new business class products and their popularity with the well-to-do and business-sponsored passengers argues for a new age of flying luxury, not by price. Preparing for departure with to lovely ladies in control.

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3/7/ · - Fri Jul 03, am # I fly the A2A B on VATSIM using VOR-VOR nav. Simply tune in the radio to the VHF frequency, fly that heading until the arrow.

Most carburettor piston planes have a carb heat knob. The manual will refer briefly to carb icing and what parameters this usually happens, but i am yet to see a single aircraft replicate induction or carburettor icing - not one. I have the manual downloaded thanks. And this is the basis for my question along with other items.

CPU - iK 3. No, though i will have a look thanks! So yes carb icing is modelled and indeed needed for flying. Full drag is properly modelled too, icing in general is modelled in FS its just theres no visuals, basicly the manual is he manual, what you see is what you get. Looking forward to release. I think you may have a customer!! Indeed it is; http: Just bought both the Stratocruiser and the Accu-Sim module. Transaction went smooth and I'm currently downloading both packages at my max DSL speeld.

Download complete, installed just fine, starting FSX I'll try some tweaking now. Bought it the moment it was available, then couldn't download due to the crappy internet connection in my apartment.

Anyway, back at work now and downloading fast. But I have to work and then to school started a course in Mandarin so I have to wait until late tonight before I can install. Its a shame you had to re-install Para. I would have liked to know why you had such a massive hit when no-one else with lower systems has. Lewis, I have absolutely no idea what caused those problems. I'm pretty sure though that problem was not caused by the but by a previously installed addon.

One of the best virtual cockpits I've ever seen, a fantastic plane model, complex but not complicated operation, excellent lighting, excellent documentation, etc Love the British accent of my flight crew!

Oh, this is a nice add-on. Look at all those gauges you have to keep an eye on. See the brilliant Navigator station - love the map, guys! And the top speed isn't that fast, just enough to keep an old fart happy - and able to see what's coming. Print Thread Switch to Threaded Mode. Terrific Video by Pooch. So touching by RossUK. Ace Combat 7 by RossUK. You are not logged in. Thanks for any replies Fighterops And the top speed isn't that fast, just enough to keep an old fart happy - and able to see what's coming There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the universe is for it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more inexplicable.

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AC Warthog - Training. Falcon - Technical Issues. Falcon - Feature Articles. Can't download OpusFSI signature is invalid or corrupt. Can't run the msi in Windows. You may get some warning messages from your virus checker at this point which is quite normal for this file type and as a result the installation window may be hidden behind your browser window. If you are having problems downloading then make sure your anti-virus software is disabled.

In Win10 if you see the Windows Protection warning screen then click on the More info button to run the software. Next select Run Anyway. You only need to unwrap the purchased 'exe' file on your designated server system.

You will find the msi installation file in your 'unwrapped' c: You need to keep your Flight1 license and key files on drive C in the C: The client systems are unlicensed and do not require license or key files. Do NOT unwrap the purchased 'exe' file on your client systems, it is not required.

Neither do you need to create, or copy, the c: This folder contains the license and key files which are ONLY needed on the server system. The Opus software must be installed using the Opus msi installation file on your designated main sim server system your primary sim 'flying' computer and each of your optional client sim systems.

Double click on the Opus msi file and follow the instructions to install the software upgrade. If you are going to set up a networked system you will need to install the simulator and scenery onto your client systems.

If you wish you can copy the Opus msi installation file onto your optional client systems and double-click on the file to install the software, but you must uninstall the old software first via Control Panel, Uninstall a Program.

Double click on the Opus msi file and follow the instructions to install the software. Each of your computers must be able to 'see' each other over the local area network. The Opus software will make efficient use of any speed of network without you configuring anything else other than the IP addresses, but the faster the network the better. In each case, the Application Links will turn green when a connection is made. Click on the Configure button on the main dialog form display and configure the appropriate options.

You can also enable and specify the required options for the supported device drivers. Click OK when done and the server program will prepare all necessary communication links. You can also specify other options to enable the various client features e.

Opus Banners These Opus banners were kindly created by the talented Hangar Right click on the banner and select 'Save target As Click on the image or link below to download the paint scheme. They are provided as freeware and no responsibility is accepted for their use. Installation is simple and instructions are provided in the included ReadMe.

You must own the A2A Piper Cherokee aircraft for these files to work correctly. Please make sure you check our SimForums for all the very latest news and Announcements.