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Open high low scanner is now available on The FataFat Intraday Stock Screener. Open High Low Trading Strategy is a popular Trading Strategy used by stock traders.

It is so tragedy for trading you know literally there is no clear cut indicator which tells you buy or sell. Dear Admin, Is it your strategy or you have reference to the original one? Can you please convert this into afl and post in marktcalls. Second man will give feeding to third man who will do calculation in excel in laptop.

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Introduction - Advanced Open High Low Scanner for Nifty Scrips Advanced Open high Low Scanner is a technique that can be used to place baskets of orders and then set your own target and stoploss wrt to .

I would like to use the IB controller and link to Interactive Brokers but cant find much info on it? Sir This is very good overlay indicator in stockcharts but only give SP and other foreign index. Can you please convert this into afl and post in marktcalls. There is no such indicator on the web in any charting software. This is a nice little bit of code that is great for short-term trading. I have tried the formula. Your email address will not be published.

Was thinking yesterday about "is there is a more simplistic way, where we can list out the stocks with exponential rise in price aka bubbles. This helps one to visualize how the volume in the first 1 hour compare to previous trading days. The purpose of the Exploration is to identify the stop loss of any kind of trade at the given time. This is a webinar extract from the event Divergence The calls generated by this system are based on formulas and these are not recommendation to any person to buy or sell any securities.

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