ZUK Z1 by Lenovo review

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Zuk Z1 General

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IMG file for zuk edge. Roussinov Oct 16, 1. Oct 20, Starchm. Replies 67 Views 4, The app drawer is an alphabetized vertical list with an index at the bottom. This isn't as compact as a grid view and there's no option to change it. The app drawer is not very compact. The notification area shows the notifications after the first pull and the quick toggles after the second. Here the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles have been given priority, they are bigger than the rest, but you can easily re-arrange them to fit your needs.

There's a brightness slider in here too, though we miss one thing - the Auto brightness toggle. You have to go into the settings for that.

The Cyanogen-made additions include a small weather widget and Quick pulldown, basically giving you one-swipe access to the toggles from the left or right corner of the screen.

Also here is the User switch. By default you get Owner and Guest accounts and you can easily add more of each. Guest accounts can be prevented from making calls, but not from accessing certain apps. Also note that you can switch users from the lockscreen and each account has different security settings. So even if you have a fingerprint lock set up, it's easy to jump into the Guest account, which does not need to have a fingerprint assigned to it.

Accounts do not share data though, so you can't view photos taken with the Owner account from the Guest account, for example. Still, you might want to set up a more secure lock for the Guest account too.

There's no way to automatically switch between users based on their fingerprints though. Getting back on track, the App switcher shows a 3D rolodex of the running apps and in Google style even keeps the search field.