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While Wert endured the humiliating situation in Mantua through the late s, he kept his job: The s were productive years for Wert musically, as he produced his first four books of five-voice madrigals during this time, and his first book for four voices. The dedications are significant: During the late s Wert had several offers of employment elsewhere, but turned them down.

The most significant came in Augsburg in , where Wert's spectacular ability to improvise counterpoint engendered an offer to join the imperial court in Prague, serving Maximilian II , the Holy Roman Emperor.

The next job offer he refused came from Parma the next year, the home of the Farnese family. While the two courts were closely connected by marriage and mutual interchange of musicians, Ferrara was a place with a profoundly different outlook from Mantua: Ferrara was progressive, while Mantua was supportive of the Counter-Reformation ; the progressive tendencies of Ferrara better fitted Wert's musical inclinations.

Wert had a good time there; so much so that his employer in Mantua sent a strongly worded letter on 22 December demanding his immediate return to his post.

Wert, however, had fallen in love with the widowed Tarquinia Molza , the most famous female singer and poet in Italy, who was a lady-in-waiting at the Este court, so he endeavored to spend as much time as possible in Ferrara.

This was the same year that Lucrezia, Wert's wife, died in prison in Novellara. Tarquinia, unlike Wert, but like Lucrezia, was a member of the nobility, and when her affair with Wert was found out in — their affair was plagued with spies, and their love-letters opened — she was banished to Modena.

Wert may have been previously married to nobility, but in Ferrara he was still a servant, and his affair was considered as scandalous there as was Lucrezia's in Mantua. Wert first became ill with malaria in , and ill-health was to bedevil him for the rest of his life. Even so, he remained musically productive, writing a coronation mass for Duke Vincenzo Gonzaga in , and numerous madrigals for the concerto delle donne , the renowned group of musical ladies of Ferrara, who were virtuoso singers.

In , Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi took over his post as maestro di cappella in Mantua, and in August he dedicated his last book of madrigals. Wert died in in Mantua, in his house near the ducal palace; his tomb is near to that of his contemporary Francesco Rovigo , in the crypt of Santa Barbara, beneath the church where he worked for many years.

While Wert wrote both sacred and secular music, as well as a handful of instrumental fantasias, his madrigals were by far the most famous portion of his output during his lifetime. He wrote approximately , which he published in sixteen separate books spread across a half-century, from to the final posthumous collection in His madrigal books are almost all for five voices, although he published one book in for four, and the posthumous collection of includes pieces ranging from four to seven voices.

Wert's early style was heavily influenced by Cipriano de Rore, the renowned mid-century madrigalist active at Ferrara. Wert's first three books show some features typical of Rore's writing, such as chromaticism, word-painting, and, according to Alfred Einstein, an "indifference to everything merely formal and In addition, he showed a preference for a declamatory, homophonic style, which he refined later in his career into a seconda prattica manner influential on Monteverdi, and he also showed a liking for high voices — something which turned out to be a defining characteristic of the music-making at the Este court in Ferrara.

Wert's style at mid-career began to change away from the Rore manner towards one more closely aligned with the Venetians, such as Andrea Gabrieli. Pure homophony became more common in his works, and he began to exploit registral and textural contrasts rather than switch from polyphony to homophony; in addition, his lines became more lyrical. In his sixth book of madrigals for five voices , he included three madrigal cycles, an innovation which was to become a prominent musical subgenre near the end of the century.

The cycles include two canzoni by Petrarch and a capitolo by Ariosto; they are set in a declamatory manner, thereby including a treatment of vocal lines which foreshadowed monody, and Wert's own later works. Once Wert made the acquaintance of the virtuoso singing ladies of Ferrara, the concerto delle dame , he began to write madrigals for them in an appropriate style — with elaborate parts for three high voices, often containing separate blocks for high and low voices, and the most virtuosic singing required in the topmost part.

His music during this period was influenced by the other composers working in Ferrara, including Luzzasco Luzzaschi , and his favorite poets of the time were those most closely associated with Ferrara — Tasso and Guarini.

In his tenth book of madrigals , six of the compositions may have been intended for a solo singer with instrumental accompaniment, in the manner of the monodies which were one of the forerunners of opera.

The late music is tonal , anticipating the changes in musical language of the early Baroque, during which functional tonality crystallized out of the pre-tonal universe of the late Renaissance; in addition these late compositions are mainly homophonic, with only occasional polyphonic passages appearing as an animating contrast.

An influence from the Venetians is his occasional use of the concertato style, with groups of voices in dialogue.

For his final madrigal book published in his lifetime, the eleventh, he set passages from Guarini's Il pastor fido , one of the most popular texts for musical setting of the era. The Bitcoin price is shown to you either in the Bitcoin Euro price or the Bitcoin dollar price.

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