Pätzolds Ökonomischer Thesaurus (POET)

Brsenkurs Brsenmakler Brsenmakler Brsenordnung Brsenschluss booklet brochure breach of promise breach breakage leakage breakage free from breakage breakage fractional amount broken interest gross gross amount gross earnings gross receipts gross proceeds gross yield gross salary gross profit gross weight gross margin gross premium gross national product gross income gross loss weighbridge book book credit money accountant bookkeeper accountant bookkeeping bookmaker book loss auditor ordinary debts number of entry book value earmark budget go-slow government bond federal tax bourse stock exchange market report quotation ticker stock exchange transactions stock transactions jobbing stock jobbing jobber stock jobber floor trader market rate stock broker stockbroker stock exchange regulations close of the exchangeBrsensituation regiert von sog.

Other Currency Rates

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You may distribute copies of this etext electronically or on any machine readable medium now known5 or hereafter discovered so long as you: You can buy dollars from the open market. Just go to any exchange company and buy dollars in exchange for rupees. You can then deposit that money into your FC account and send a wire transfer to your upstream supplier. However, importers usually use Letters of Credit to remit funds abroad.

You should look into that as well. Hi, I was wondering which bank you use to send wire transfers? Some banks Meezan refuse to send any wire transfers unless its from a company account. Any bank that restricts you from sending wire transfer abroad from your foreign currency account is breaking SBP rules. See my comment above about it:. I transferred money by swift 8 days before, but not credited yet.

The process is the same for every country on the planet. So read the article above and if you have a question not answered there you can ask it in the comments. In my experience it is usually credited within one working day. But if you go through some of the comments above and on the article about receiving swift wires you will see that some people have had to wait for weeks. What you can do is ask the sender to give you a copy of the swift message so that you can show it to your bank.

The sender might charge you for this because their bank charges them for this. Hi, I have a question regarding Telegraphic Transfers to a company account abroad. One of my friend told me that I cannot send funds abroad from my personal account to third party Company account. Can any advise me the safest method of transfering money abroad?

Dear Riz, I would like to ask u about forex brokers. Is there no reliable broker in Pakistan. MTG says they are representative of Instaforex. I would like to open an islamic forex accout as it is free of interests and swaps and would appreciate if kindly contact me as i would like to know experience of yours or any one known personally by you regarding a reliable broker.

I m not sure about the genuinity of MTG broker therefore I m asking this as it would allow me to deposit and withdraw directly in Pak rupee. Please let me know about any payment and deposit method as well. I am considering skrills but there if an issue of debit cards not accepted there. Credit cards are not used by me due to shariah purpose.

Please contact, I would call u as well if provide me ur no. Im facing this delay in swift wire transfer. An amount is sent on ma Allied Bank Lahore account from Geneva via swift wire transfer.

Its been a full week now and its still not credited to ma account. I called the bank but they cannot help me in this regard as the money hasnt come to their record now. What should I do? Ask the sender to trace the wire and give you a copy of the swift message. The sender and their bank are the only ones that can help you now. I want to transfer a sum of USD to a forex broker account in Australia. Is the forex broker account considered as a company and by having a foreign currency individual account here in Pakistan will I be able to transfer that money to the broker or no?

My question is in other words how can I transfer money to a forex broker abroad [Australia] in USD from Pakistan with a bank account in my name and which bank does it with the cheapest minimum initial deposit? You are offering a great deal of help here. And I really appreciate that. Can you please make me understand the situation. Recently I have been changed my payment gateway.

They sent my payment through swift wire since on 27 March, but the Bank says they did not receive credit in their Nastro Account. They replied with a full transaction detail including corresponding Bank. So now when I inquired with my Bank Meezan Bank they told me that they just send a cover message not a credit in our Nastro Account. Once the funds will receive so we can credit into your account…. I am very confused… So now what should I do??? How my payment can be tracked?

Can someone offer me some advice? Where is the best place to purchase foreign currency so that we can put it into the currency account, to then send it to the UK?

I am based around Islamabad. To reset, simply open the page you wish to be your new start up page and click the "set default page" icon. MR2A request has been processed. To ensure faster verification of payments and processing of your transactions, you may upload a copy of your Telegraphic Transfer TT. Sorry, you need special rights to access iDirect. If you want to buy from auctions using our iDirect service, please contact our Sales and Services Center.

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