Abby Kelley

Anthony and Lucy Stone by encouraging them to take on a role in political activism. Despite vociferous protesters, Kelley eloquently proclaimed the doctrine of abolitionism. The building was bought from Norton Abrasives and was completely refurbished. Worcester Women's History Project. Link to information regarding the Abby Kelley Athletics Program.

Bus Route Documents

Be sure to type in your full address house number, street, city, state , then press "Enter". You will see a dot appear on the map next to that address. Use the "Zoom Out" button in the lower center section of the screen to zoom out and see more of the map. Continue to zoom out until you can see several different colored markers or pins around your address. Click on the colored marker or pin that appears to be closest to your address.

You may also click on individual bus stops on the left hand side to see their specific location on the map. All Students must ride the BUS they have been assigned.

Abby Kelley Foster views bus transportation as an extension of the school day and acknowledges that students riding the bus are under the authority of the bus driver. Parents are responsible for picking up their child at the bus stop after school. They may also have another responsible parent of their choosing meet their child at the bus stop. Parents or guardians should wait for the child on the right side of the bus, so the student will not be required to cross in front of the bus or behind it.

For the safety of our students, elementary school children will not be left at a bus stop if a parent or other responsible party is not there to meet them. Students who are returned to the school more than three times because a parent or other responsible party is not at the stop to meet them will lose their bus privileges for the remainder of the year. They also made a high school. They made another old building into a full court gym for the Elementary and Middle Schools in Due to overcrowding, the school leased space at Temple Emanuel for grades during the school year.

The school board decided to build a new high school. The building was bought from Norton Abrasives and was completely refurbished. During the construction of the school, students were temporarily put an old school building on Ararat Street. The building opened for the school year and is still currently functional. There was also the installation of a Chemistry and Biology Lab plus a lecture Hall.

Adjacent to the Auditorium and Gym is a warehouse that the school uses for various storage and projects, such as the school play. Which is now the 8th grade wing. More classrooms were built in the High school due to overcrowding during the school year.

They are now opened for the school year. During the building of the new high school in , the school also turned an old storage building and an old playground into a new playground. The adjacent parking lots were also turned into one small athletic and one large mixed use field. The playground and both fields are covered in Astro-turf. There was also one building located next to the small field that was turned into a full court gym and is used by the Elementary and Middle School.

Abby Kelley Foster focuses on reading, writing, math and music as key subjects for elementary students to be expanded upon in each grade level. The average student teacher ratio is The school also focuses on technology with curriculum beginning early with simple tasks progressing to the high school level with advanced topics on Microsoft Office , Adobe Photoshop and web design.

History , World History , Writing Workshop. For the —11 school year the school was authorized to give International Baccalaureate diplomas to students who enroll in these excelled courses. These courses are offered to students of the Junior and Senior classes.

In grades 4—8, math results remain below the state average.