Vibronic spectroscopy

Because the resulting electroencephalographs EEG arise in response to a single sound, they are referred to as auditory evoked potentials or auditory evoked responses. Language information is not collected by most national censuses. German to mind out, to mind, to take care, to be attentive, to pay attention, to be on one's guard. Kan ha ulikt opphav, f. The guiding principle of the currency, which opened for business in , were supposed to be a set of rules to limit a country's annual deficit to three per cent of gross domestic product, and the total accumulated debt to sixty per cent of G.

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Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 9 January , at German to catch up, to make up time, to catch up on delay, to make up for a delay, to make up for , to catch up, to make up ground, to catch up on. German to leave, to break off, to discontinue, to end, to terminate, to call it quits colloquial , to break up, to call it a day colloquial, figurative , to come to an end, to walk it off colloquial , to finish a period of employment , to stop.

German definitely, absolutely, most certainly, by all means, on all accounts, on any account, anyhow, at least, at all events, in any case, at any rate, in any event. German to disabuse, to bring to light, to brighten, to scout, to clarify, to shed light upon something, to elucidate, to resolve, to clear up misunderstanding , to solve. Wolff, a follower of Leibniz, was appointed professor of mathematics and natural philosophy at the University of Halle, then a centre of Pietism.

Wolff soon antagonized many colleagues by insisting that religious truths be grounded in mathematical certitude. Following years of harassment by his opponents, Wolff was ordered out of Prussia by Frederick William I and, in , left for Saxony and a later post at Marburg.

German at the touch of a button, at the push of a button also figurative , at the flick of a switch figurative. German to arise, to spring up wind , to come up, to land, to be discovered, to come down, to come out [corrected by Michael Zapf]. German corbelled having a projecting block of stone built into a wall during construction; step-wise construction, as in an arch, roof, etc.

German abbreviation of Auflage German: Ausgabe implies that a work has been completely re-edited, while Auflage is a new edition of a book which may have minor additions and corrections.

German to leave open, to leave on hat , to keep on coat , to close down mine , to leave open, to shut down. German to run onto ground, to go aground, to accumulate, to rise flood waters, etc. German to work as a DJ, to hang up telephone , to issue, to set the table , to bring out book , to publish book , to replace telephone handset , to display sign , to apply compress.

German to be laid up, to be supported, to abut, to seat on, to be laid out, to rest on, to be on, to lie on top , to be on display, to be displayed, to be available, to be published.

German to disband, to disintegrate, to resolve, to solve, to sever, to dissolve, to terminate, to unwind, to close, to liquidate, to break up, to wind up, to eliminate, to dismantle, to dissipate [corrected by Michael Zapf]. German diluendo Italian , dissolving, fading away, dying away, diminishing in loudness, growing softer until the sound is extinct, thinning out, weakening, verdünnend German , en diluant French. German attentive, attentively, alert, keenly listen , observantly, vigilantly, intently, vigilant, mindfully, attentive, intent, observing, mindful, observingly, observant, heedful, considerate, thoughtful attentive.

German to arouse attention, to attract attention, to attract notice, to make oneself conspicuous, to arrest attention. German to hype up promotion of a product, play, etc. German to gather, to gain, to pick up, to absorb, to take photograph , to hold store , to accept admit , to receive, to admit to hospital , to take in, to include, to take up absorb , to take down record , to film, to shoot film , to record measurement, data , to store, to pick, to soak up, to host, to accomodate, to assimilate, to affiliate, to incorporate, to ingest, to plot line, curve, etc.

German receptive, ingestive, ingesting, incorporating, capturing data, etc. German colloquial abbreviation for auf Probe German: German to mind out, to mind, to take care, to be attentive, to pay attention, to be on one's guard.

German to breathe vengeance, to brood on revenge, to be out for revenge, to plot one's revenge. German to tidy up , to put away, to clean up, to clear away , to straighten up tidy up , to tidy away. German to perpetuate, to maintain, to uphold, to sustain, to preserve, to cherish, to bear up, to keep up, to assert, to stand by, to keep up, to adhere to.

German to upset, to brisk up, to perturb, to excite, to discompose, to fluster, to agitate, to vex, to annoy. German white-knuckle colloquial , exciting, discomposing, upsetting, thrillingly, thrilling, shocking, agitative.

German to tear open, to dig up road , to open wide mouth, eyes , to split open, to rive archaic , to wrench open, to rip open, to lay out with template , to pick up women colloquial. German tantalisingly, tantalising, provocatively, slinkily, tantalizing, voluptuously, salacious, maddeningly, irritatingly, maddening, irritant, infuriatingly, egging, provocative, sexy, slinky, saucy.

German to sit up, to turn up, to erect, to raise, to rear, to upend, to tilt up, to right return to upright position. German undesigning, undesigningly, honest, sincere, candid, sincerely, genuine, singlehearted, truly, single-minded, cordial, bona fide, straightforward, heartfelt thanks, apology, etc.

Johann Sebastian Bach's collection of 'Inventions and Sinfonia', Aufrichtige Anleitung , demonstrates his pragmatic approach to musical science as a teacher. This collection was written for private instrumental lessons.

Bach's didactic experience and musical scholarship is demonstrated in the title, Aufrichtige Anleitung , wherein the lovers of the clavier, and expecially those desirous of learning, are shown a clear way not only to learn to play clearly in two voices but also, after further progress, to deal correctly and well with three obbligato parts; furthermore, at the same time not only to have good inventiones but to develop the same well and, above all, to arrive at a singing style in playing and at the same time to acquire a strong foretaste of composition.

Inventions and Sinfonia from which this extract has been taken. German incendiary figurative speech , seditious, rabble-rousing, mutinous, riotously, factious, wanton, insubordinate, seditiously, rebellious, insurgent, inflammatory, riotous, boisterous, rebel. German refractory, rebelliously, insubordinately, insubordinate, rebellious, contumacious, fractious child , recalcitrant, defiant, truculent, truculently. German to postpone to , to shelve plans , to defer, to put off, to adjourn, to suspend, to delay, to procrastinate, to slide open sliding door.

German delaying, deferring, adjourning, dilatorily, dilatory, shunting, suspending, postponing. German to thud, to hit, to add, to add to a bill, to pitch, to cast up, to surcharge, to open book, newspaper , to serve tennis , to crack egg.

German to open up, to close up approach , to unlock, to close ranks, to close the lines, to develop land. German enlightening, insightful, revelatory, insightfully, instructively, instructive, informative, telling, revealing, illuminating. German, old form enlightening, insightful, revelatory, insightfully, instructively, instructive, informative, telling, revealing, illuminating.

German to cut open, to boast, to brag, to slice, to slice up, to carve, to draw the long bow, to fib, to shoot one's mouth off colloquial. Naming Various Parts of the Recorder in German. German to record, to mark down, to write down, to take down, to mark out, to inscribe, to shove down write. German to scream out, to yell, to give a shout, to yelp, to cry out [corrected by Michael Zapf]. German attendant, custodian, checker, supervisor, inspector, keeper, warden, overseer, overlooker, controller, steward, minder.

German to put on hat , to draw up, to draft, to minute, to bottom out car , to don hat , to touch down landing. German to rusticate live in the country and lead a rustic life, to send to the country, suspend temporarily from college or university, to lend a rustic character to something. German to chop up figurative company , to split in two, to split up, to fork, to split, to break down. Michael Zapf makes an important distinction between zum Tanze aufspielen German: German to spring to one's feet, to start up, to jump up, to sally, to leap up, to burst open, to bounce ball , to spring open, to jump to one's feet, to leap to one's feet.

German insurgent, insurgent fighter, rebel, revolutionary, insurrectionist [corrected by Michael Zapf]. German to copyfit the process of calculating how much space a given amount of copy set in a particular point size and typeface will occupy.

German to place on to put on , to push on, to insert, to pin, to pin up hair, etc. German to fume gases , to ascend, to arise, to soar, to raise, to rise into view, to scale up, to soar up, to rise, to go up, to come, to climb, to graduate move up , to ascend, to rise up.

German to postulate theory , to field candidate , to establish, to post, to situate, to deploy, to set, to put up, to marshal, to mount, to shelve, to embattle, to position, to station, to rank, to prepare, to nominate, to install, to erect, to set on, to arrange, to line up, to array, to construct, to make, to compile, to make out a list , to draw up list , to put on coffee , to form group , to lay down rules , to set up a record.

German, literally 'Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny' a political-satirical opera composed by Kurt Weill to a German libretto by Bertolt Brecht that was first performed in Leipzig on March 9, German to ferret out, to flush out, to root out, to hunt out, to run to ground, to track down, to unearth, to rout, to put to rout.

German up-and-coming, aspiring, ambitious, emergent, go-getting colloquial , person , aspirant, upcoming, rising. German crustic, of a musical phrase that begins on the downbeat of a bar and ends at the end of a bar; a phrase that starts and ends in the middle of a bar is said to be anacrustic [entry provided by Michael Zapf].

German to show up colloquial: German to segment, to chop up figurative country , to divide up, to diversify, to break down, to partition, to portion out, to split up, to split, to subdivide, to allot, to allocate, to divide, to apportion [corrected by Michael Zapf]. German task, commission a work of art , order, job, instruction, mission, assignment, charge, mandate, order letter, purchase order, remit formal , errand task , application of paint, stain, etc.

German to apply, to serve up, to wear out clothes , to dab on, to appear bulky, to lay on, to spread out. German to distend, to get hold of, to find, to rustle up colloquial food , to scrape up money. German to behave, to occur, to appear in the theatre , to perform, to emerge, to enter the stage, to come on the stage, to arise, to act, to appear on the scene, to go on the stage, to appear symptoms.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Mathematics. Instructions to Students Seeking Transfer Credit: Paul Gallagher Please also complete the following online transfer credit form. All file attachments should be in PDF format. For all other math subjects: Professor Alan Edelman Supporting Materials: Copy of the syllabus for the course from the term in which it was taken. The author, title, and edition of the textbook used, and the sections of it covered by the course.

You may be asked for a photocopy of the table of contents as well. The Transfer Credit Examiner may ask you to demonstrate your understanding of the subject and will then approve or deny your request.