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EFX - Equifax Inc.: Falcon Australia plans to test the prospective intervals in the Shenandoah-1 wellbore in the third quarter of

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NIS is an active player in Serbia and has a growing presence in the region, including exploration in the same type of targets addressed in this agreement, and brings to the table complementary skills, knowledge and opportunities. Falcon-TXM is absolutely confident that the application of experiences gained through its projects in South-Eastern Hungary , along with the adaptation of proven North American technology and equipment, will be rewarded by success not only in the boundaries of its own mining plot but in the field of cooperation in Serbia as well.

Hungary is the fourth country in which NIS has projects in field of research and production, in addition to Angola , Bosnia and Romania. Working closer with Falcon on this hydrocarbon system we want to look at their ongoing unconventional activities. Serbia has a huge potential of shale gas exploration and cooperation with Falcon in Hungary will allow us to learn and prepare our geologists and engineers for such us technology challenge. Working with different international companies abroad we going to find the right high technology experienced partner for further deep exploration in Serbia".

The terms of the agreement remain as outlined in the Letter of Intent between the two companies announced on February 22, In brief, and subject to certain regulatory approvals and standard conditions, Hess will earn a Hess has the right to withdraw from the project following the seismic evaluation and again following the drilling phase, in which event the entire interest would transfer back to Falcon Australia.

In addition to its The seismic survey is anticipated to commence once necessary government and land users' approvals are obtained. Falcon Australia will also carry out its work planned for the Shenandoah-1 well, commencing with re-opening and casing the existing wellbore planned for the third quarter , followed by a comprehensive testing program. Following such transaction, Ruby Blue beneficially owns 48,, Common Shares, and 28,, Warrants.

Ruby Blue is located at Trident Chambers, P. FO "Falcon" or the "Company" today announced the completion of its private placement, the details of which were previously announced on November 24, Subject to applicable securities legislation, an aggregate of 44,, common shares and 33,, common share purchase warrants are subject to a hold period until June 11, and an aggregate of 42,, common shares and 31,, common share purchase warrants are subject to a hold period until August 9, Existing major shareholders of Falcon participated in the private placement.

They were joined by members of management and the Board of Directors of Falcon, which together accounted for approximately Delays were experienced in fulfilling certain TSXV filing requirements, mainly as a result of the diverse corporate jurisdictions of a number of the investors. The proposed new investors described in the press release dated November 24, were unable to fulfill their requirements under the terms of the private placement, including obtaining the requisite foreign exchange approval of the People's Republic of China.

Robert Macaulay, CEO of Falcon commented that "the efforts on the part of the China-based investors who intended to invest are appreciated and our relationships with them remain cordial and open to future business opportunities". This funding secures our plans to fully test the Shenandoah well in Australia while continuing to evaluate our properties in Hungary and South Africa.

The agreement area consists of approximately 25, square kilometers 6,, acres and will ultimately be held jointly, with Falcon Australia holding a Falcon Australia will retain percent interest in the whole of Exploration Permit 99 consisting of approximately 2, square kilometers , acres , and will also retain the entire interest in the existing Shenandoah-1 wellbore in Exploration Permit 98 and approximately square kilometers , acres around the Shenandoah-1 wellbore.

After completion, processing and interpretation of the seismic data Hess can elect to continue to the next phase of the work program which includes conducting a five well program to explore and appraise the agreement area, beginning in Hess will cover the full cost of this work program. Falcon Australia plans to test the prospective intervals in the Shenandoah-1 wellbore in the third quarter of Robert Macaulay , CEO of Falcon and Falcon Australia , said, "Falcon is very excited to enter in to this partnership with Hess and looks forward to working with them to explore and develop the Beetaloo Basin.

Not only does Hess bring to the table their vast international experience in both conventional and unconventional plays, but they are also a well-established, trusted and successful company in Australia. The participation agreement and the joint operating agreement are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of each of Falcon, Falcon Australia and Hess, and the transaction as a whole is subject to receipt of all governmental and regulatory consents, including the TSX Venture Exchange.

Macaulay will, as part of his compensation, receive 1,, incentive options under the stock option plan approved at Falcon's annual and special shareholders meeting held on December 14 , Akhmerov , previously a member of the board from September 18, to May 29, joins the following seven returning directors: These are real companies with real revenues.

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