Janet Jackson discography

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Fighter Hangar Planetary Vehicle Hangar. For "Diamonds" and "Making Love in the Rain":

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Archived from the original PDF on Janet Jackson Live in Hawaii ". Australian Chart Book For "When I Think of You": For "Let's Wait Awhile": For "The Pleasure Principle": For "Miss You Much": The Official Charts Company: Janet Jackson Nasty ". Janet Jackson Miss You Much ". For all singles peaking within the top 50 during the s except "Got 'til It's Gone": For "Got 'til It's Gone": Janet Jackson Got 'til It's Gone ". For all singles peaking between 51 and during the s: Australia's Music Charts pdf ed.

The HP column displays the highest peak reached. For "Come Back to Me": For "That's the Way Love Goes": For "Because of Love": For "Any Time, Any Place": For "You Want This": For "I Get Lonely": For all charted singles in the section of the s except those indicated below: Janet Jackson singles ". Archived from the original on Archived from the original on May 9, For "Doesn't Really Matter": For "Call on Me": Janet Jackson Canadian Hot Songs ".

Retrieved July 31, For "Diamonds" and "Making Love in the Rain": Luther Vandross Hot ". Busta Rhymes Hot ". Blackstreet Hot ". For "Feel It Boy": Beenie Man Hot ". For "We Are the World 25 for Haiti": Hot Week of February 27, ". For "Diamonds" Kent Music Report peak: Luther Vandross singles ". For "What's It Gonna Be?! Beenie Man singles ". During this period the shield is vulnerable to further attack; if the shield collapses during the warm up period the shield cell will still be spent but will have no effect.

Shield Cell Banks SCB are an equipable module that allow the player to quickly regenerate their ship's shields on the fly. Useful in combat when taking shield damage - just be sure not to let your shields collapse as this module does not repair collapsed shields. This module can be bound to a specific key via the keybind options menu so that it can be used quickly and does not need to be in a firegroup.

Multiple shield cell banks can be installed, and in the current version of the game they will fire off only one at a time even if multiple banks are installed and powered. Still, cell banks draw a significant amount of power from the power plant, so it can still be helpful to "cascade" your cell banks: For example, if you have 3 banks, turn off 2 and use the first one until it runs out of charges, then power that one down and power up the next loaded module.

Keep in mind that powering up an inactive SCB takes 25 seconds before the first shield cell is ready to be used. During the Kick-In-Time a significant amount of heat will be produced. If your Shields go down before it actually kicks in, the charge will not work, leaving you with stripped Shields. So make sure to use it with the right timing. If you fire a Shield Cell Bank without following it with a Heatsink, the ship will overheat and its modules and hull will start taking damage until the temperature drops to a safe level.

With release of the Horizons-Expansion, the amount of heat produced using SCB's has been raised dramatically. Therefore, be aware that using Shield Cell Banks will cause heat damage to your ship unless a Heatsink Launcher is used at the same time.