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On successful installation, the program will create a system tray icon and allow the user to access it in a Linux session. While ra w numbers are helpful to know , serious analysis of your real estate. The former vice president of Goldman Sachs Group filed a lawsuit in the Federal District Court in Manhattan this week, claiming that the bank demoted her because she elected to take advantage of its part-time track after her first maternity leave, then fired her while she was on her second. One crazy summer of Google code Their goal is to cultivate the next generation of open-source software developers in evolutionary biology and promote the open, collaborative development of reusable, interoperable, standards-supporting informatics tools. The competition, which focuses on security holes in mainstream software, is in its 4th year.

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Like all web-based apps, your enjoyment in using it will depend in part on the quality of your internet connection. Accounting and bookkeeping are my business, so being able to demo such an aesthetically pleasant app that integrates so well is a real boon.

We've tried other Apps, but we won't be working with any other software. There's really there's nothing out there we'd rather recommend. Xero has set the standard for over a decade and it's a testimony to their Devs that they're growing steadily despite their giant competition. Smooth-running and numerous integrations with other essential business management apps Reasonably priced for small business Has integrated inventory and billing through PayPal and Stripe.

I'm a very loyal user and my company has grown up shoulder-to-shoulder with Xero's growth. There's very few wrinkles from an accountant's POV. I find startup clients sometimes get confused with the "Easy-to-Use-And-Setup" spiel - it certainly is for a bookkeeper familiar with the app!

In general, the dashboard apps in this industry can belie their many-layered nature. Xero, along with several add-ons have allowed me to realize my dream of having and growing my business while having the location freedom to travel and escape from the Canadian winters! It has also allowed me to grow my business to serving clients all across Canada and the USA which is something that would dnot have been possible using the software and business model I had previously.

I love that it is a fully functional accounting package that is cloud-based. It allows me and my clients to work from anywhere and still keep our numbers and business running smoothly. Since my business focuses mainly on Entrepreneurs running businesses online the amazing suite of integrations makes thins so much "easier" for my clients on a day to day basis. The only "con" that I have is that it is a subscription-based service and that it can be pricey for new businesses starting out.

Their base packages that I have access to as an accountant are good for other types of businesses but for an online based business no matter how small, the transaction limit for the smaller packages is waaaay to small.

Take your study seriously and cross-reference information. Then watch the Xero videos available, not just from the company itself but also from accountants and bookkeepers. Good luck and welcome to the 21st century of online bookkeeping! Xero has an interface that's easy to read and to navigate. The setup process is well presented and the support is good in response to tickets and also in their excellent training programs.

Any bookkeeping software requires some knowledge, training and experience in the theory and process of accounting. Xero is no exception, despite what may be claimed. Having said that, Xero is the least difficult to comprehend of the better softwares available. Great overall financial management for our small business. Easy to approve and share transactions, and to see a road map for our financial future before our accountant gives us monthly reports.

Easy to create invoices, match transactions between Xero and your bank, and simple to view your daily balance. Invoices look professional with logo and custom business information, and you can email invoices to clients directly from Xero. You can also use their payroll portal, but we don't use that particular feature. Xero also connects with Stripe, our credit card processing company, and automatically handles the processing fees.

We appreciated how easily it integrated with Stripe. It's very easy to duplicate transactions, or to create invoices and bills within the wrong month. After doing so it's difficult to find the transactions and to delete them. I'm very savvy with software and spreadsheets and it definitely surprises me when my accountant contacts me to ask me about a transaction that appears to be a duplicate.

Xero is very intuitive and easy to use. As an owner of an accounting company focusing on bookkeeping, I use Xero exclusively. The other competitor in this arena is QBO.

While their functionality and integrations are similar, Xero excels with amazing customer service, a more solid platform they have been in the web-based game longer and ease of use. All of my clients that have used both prefer Xero as well.

Intuit is too large a company and you get thrown around when you have questions. Xero customer services is friendly and quick. They are honestly a pleasure to work with. The major drawback to Xero is their reporting. QB has better reports for various needs, as an accountant. Xero is slowly improving but it has been a very, very slow process.

Sometimes this can be infuriating. Their free internal payroll platform is lacking a bit as well but I haven't compared it to QBO. It works but I prefer to use Gusto with the automatic sync for my clients. The company that dominates this market has in my experience horrendous customer support.

That's where Xero really stands out as a strong competitor. I find their functionality to be much better than the current market leader AND I can easily get help if I need it. Where Xero shines is in making reconciliation easy. It learns as you go and makes intelligent suggestions that make future reconciliations faster. The cash coding feature is also a real time-saver as it allows me to reconcile larger numbers of transactions that will all be coded to the same account.

Xero also offers direct download from a large number of financial institutions. Even being in Arkansas, I've been able to download statements directly from all the banks I've needed. Xero has a huge marketplace of add-ons to assist with things like Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Sales Tax filing and much more. It's safe to say any small business should be able to get all of their accounting and bookkeeping needs met within the Xero ecosystem, and they'll get much better customer support there than with other products.

Ease of use Cloud-based Tools to streamline reconciliation Huge array of add-ons to meet a variety of marketplace needs. Has had some downtime recently. They're good about notifying about upcoming maintenance intervals, but there have been a couple of incidences of downtime that have affected my work. They fixed it quickly, which is really all you can ask. Stuff happens in the technical realm. As a new business owner with no prior accounting experience or education, Xero has been an excellent way to keep our business running smoothly.

As a user of Vend POS we are able to integrate using an extension with Xero, which simplifies our stock control and invoice payment and reconciliation workflow tremendously.

The Xero suite has been a simple experience and we have been using it for Payroll for a year as well. Our CPAs are able to access and use the data to work on our tax returns as well.

There are more commonly used web-based bookkeeping and accounting suites that may be more suitable for more complex businesses such as Quicken where the adoption and recognition of terms, reports, workflows is already there. More CPA and employees will be familiar with them off the bat. Xero is a bit unique in that it was built from the ground up more recently as a simple alternative to these large corporate accounting suites and technologies.

As a small business owner and accountant, I have tried many accounting softwares. I was a Quickbooks Pro Advisor for five years and relied heavily on an expensive and inconsistent server to share data with clients. A forward thinking, tech savvy client mentioned Xero to me a few years ago and I blew him off. I have seen accounting software try to compete with Quickbooks and many have failed.

I was afraid of ditching the my current method of working with my clients, because I didn't want to have to deal with the struggle of switching software, only to have to do it again after the business tanks or bugs in the code would cause me to become far too frustrated. After several more clients mentioned Xero, I thought I would give it a shot. I tested the software out, totally putting it through the ringer. I used a client as a beta tester and asked for feedback on it. We worked on the file together and tried our best to break the program.

After a month of working on Xero, I was hooked! I took all of my clients off of the server and Quickbooks and moved them to Xero and I am so glad that I did. Highlights of Xero from prospective of an accountant - I can work with my clients in real time: Clients can leave us notes, can see what we are seeing, and can use Xero on smartphones and laptops- you aren't tied to an operating system - I don't have to waste time on data entry: Bank feeds are magical - I am able to achieve great results at a fraction of the cost: They handle the issue quickly - Xero add ons are amazing and you accounting system can be tied with an SaaS application quickly and easily.

Understandable menus- navigation is a cinch - Cost: There is likely an API for it. No job costing, in depth inventory without using a third party app Reporting is limited Both of these cons will be addressed this year, likely and there are SaaS add on solutions present. We use it across several businesses and share varied access with managers and accounting staff. Customize-able dashboard was great to see everything you needed upon opening the program.

Great, in depth reporting to really audit and track anything that makes your company tick. I would highly recommend this software! If I wanted a user to have access to certain areas, they had to gain access to multiple areas outside their scope.

The audit feature was a great tool for teaching and seeing where I needed to train employees if they made errors. Xero has allowed our firm to fully utilise technology and integrate our accounting processes with other software and apps, which allows us to expand our service offering to clients. Xero offers many great functions which makes modern day accounting just that - modern! A big timesaver is that Xero gets the client to regularly go in and code all transactions, which is one less job for the accountant.

Xero is also very user friendly in that it is easy to quickly log in and download the latest profit and loss or balance sheet to see where the business is in real-time, instead of having to wait for the end of year accounts to be prepared.

Customer support is also excellent and very efficient. It helps that Xero lets you invite Xero support into the Xero account you are having issues with. The payroll function is quite tricky to use, compared to other payroll services out there in the market.

Easy to use, lots of value for the money. Over the last 5 years I have found Xero to be so much easier to use that what I used before Quickbooks.

It is also a great value, since it includes accounting, payroll processing, payroll tax filing and payment, and just about everything else I need to run the finances of my business. The tight integration with Paypal to receive payment on invoices is especially nice. Over the past few years Xero has a addressed some of the less convenient aspects of the platform. The only thing that is still annoying is that there is no automatic feed for my bank. Users who bank with other institutions, have to go through a cumbersome process with Yodlee to update their feeds.

Enterprise grade loan software. Used by award-winning lenders. The Nortridge Loan System makes it simple to originate, service, collect and report on a multitude of loan portfolio types.

In addition to these standard components, expanded functionality is delivered through the following modules: The most robust and flexible lending platform in the industry. Do heavy customization without coding. Award-winning mortgage product eligibility and pricing platform, for any size of institution.

Managed content from over investors, advanced secondary marketing tools, TPO portal, rate sheet generator, pipeline management, online origination, loan officer marketing suite, LO Comp Compliance, MI best ex, hedging with Compass Analytics. Product and pricing engine, with database of investors, real-time pipeline monitoring, custom pricing.

Vergleiche Loan Pipeline System. The TrakPointe Loan Pipeline System tracks commercial bank loans and deposits through all stages of the pipeline process: TrakPointe is a SaaS software-as-a-service ; it meets all FFIEC data security requirements; it provides a full suite of automatic alerts and reminders, eliminates Microsoft Excel spreadsheet risk; and is accessible with any Internet-capalble device.

Software to standardize loan forms and application processes for underwriting commercial loans and keep track of regulation compliance. Cready is cloud based business process management solution designed for automating loan approve processes of banks or companies offer cash or non-cash loansto customers. Solution offers risk analyses of customers with its scoring value based on sophisticated risk scoring model. Third Eye strives to enhance the end user experience by minimizing the time to market, carrying out analytics, and optimizing workflow automation.

The company offers a suite of innovative solutions for commercial and personal lending including factoring and cash advances Software to manage proof of compliance to financial regulations, loan origination, manage a loan portfolio and generate client letters.

NuDebt, is a complete system to run your financial business. The sales and operations pieces can be used individually or together for a totally integrated business. It is specially built for the Debt Settlement, and Collections, and Legal industries.

Debt settlement sales and operations software build as an extension to Salesforce platform for student loan consolidation companies. With Lacoda you can easily manage any size lending business from a single loan to a portfolio of hundreds of loans with unlimited options for terms and data customization.

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Our online banking tool for residential mortgages, eStatus, interfaces real time with Mortgage Servicer for quick and accurate answers to your borrowers' and investors' most common questions.

Automates all loan servicing functions: Vergleiche Loan Servicing System. Loan servicing software for Windows XP graphical point and click system.

Software for Canadian Mortgage Companies that manage private equity and allocate those funds into mortgages either through a syndicated loan or a MIC Mortgage Investment Corporation. As an enterprises software our systems improves overall corporate efficiency and data accuracy while reducing time spent in administration allowing for more time to focus on the key business of generating income. Manages data for MICs by integrating corporate data of all relevant contact information, mortgage details and calculations.

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Microfinance software that supports unlimited users, with ability to manage hundreds of Savings and Loans Products simultaneously. It has SMS and Internet Banking modules too Software with ability to manage hundreds of savings and loans products simultaneously. It has SMS and internet banking modules. Drawing on the years of experience in developing systems for the loan management market and feedback from over users around the world, finPOWER Connect from Intersoft now offers a new way of thinking, a new level of design standard and a new platform to drive your business forward.

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An all-in-one solution that will handle any cash advance and check cashing need. The mortgage industry's First Enterprise Loan Quality Management and Portfolio Monitoring Platform changed the way mortgage originators, lenders, investors and servicers could view their loans.

A Loans and Deposits Management Solution for various industries: Software features entail multiple disbursements on loans, Simulation of scheduling of all activities, Multi-currency including revaluation, Wide choice of loan amortisation methods, a complete control on loan and deposit management and a full Integration of Accounting, Bank and CRM modules of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Vienna is a powerful web based lending system, that manages the entire agreement lifecycle from proposal capture through to end of term.

Vienna is capable of managing a myriad of financial products, portfolios, currencies and languages in one system. Lending system that manages complete process from proposal to end of term.

CRM solution for multiple products, office locations, call centers, lead gen, underwriting and processing functions. An Excel calculator for tracking and administering loan payments. Full version starts at USD Safe, Secure collaboration software built to streamline construction loan administration. Vergleiche The Mortgage Office. Desktop or in the Cloud; the preferred system for Private lenders, non-profits, and municipalities.

Loan servicing software that's powerful, flexible, and easy to use. Der Prozess wurde mit einer sicheren Schnittstelle vereinfacht. Alles, was du tun musst, ist ein FileInvite mit den von dir benötigten Informationen zu erstellen und zu senden.

Der Client lädt dann die Dateien in ein sicheres Portal hoch, in dem du die eingereichten Informationen genehmigen oder ablehnen kannst. Sende ein FileInvite noch heute! Automatisiere den Prozess des Erfassens von Informationen und Dokumenten von deinen Kunden mit einer einfachen und sicheren Schnittstelle.

Vergleiche The Loan Office. The Loan Office is an affordable, easy to use, powerful solution specifically designed for the small lender. Seamless QuickBooks integration, built-in document scanning, track loan charges and advances, recurring and event driven reminders, unearned discounts, email statements and notices, incremental funding, conversation log, track insurance and senior liens, unlimited user-defined fields, Microsoft Office integration, and much more.

Loan Servicing -- Affordable, state-of-the-art, easy to use and full-feature. Seamless integration with QuickBooks and Microsoft Office.

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An end-to-end cutting edge software solution for Micro Financial Institutes working in multiple segments of Social Development Sector. Moneylender is a loan servicing program used by individuals, investors, business, banks and more.

With no annual fees, and unlimited email and phone support, it's one of the most affordable systems in the industry.

It has capabilities that often exceed those of much more expensive platforms. Moneylender is a platform that automates the majority of tasks needed to service loans. Free phone and email support. Vergleiche Megasys Finance 3 System. Megasys provides a complete financial accounting package created for the consumer finance industry.

Omega is a user-friendly cloud-based internet solution intended to streamline loan management and processing. Our total solution includes, loan origination, servicing, collections, reporting, document storage, and our own integrated General Ledger and Accounts Payable systems. Total software solution for front-end credit evaluation, loan origination, payment processing, collections and more.

Vergleiche Load Accounting System. In house loan portfolio management solution with insurance and title tracking and over 40 management reports. Vergleiche Loan Management Software. We have software solution for all non banking finance company or lenders to manage backdate payments and rate changes, track important data, avoids manual calculations, and more operations online, Cyrus have NBFC expert team who develop best features online software for Non Banking Financial Companies.

Vergleiche The Loan Navigator. The Loan Navigator is a comprehensive and highly integratable solution for servicing traditional or alternative loan portfolios. Includes on-line application and customer account profile integration with your web site.

The Loan Navigator provides you with a "Everything in One Place" collaborative platform to manage your loans with minimum effort. Designed for economic development and housing loans, Portfol is a fully-integrated, multi-user system that tracks activities from the initial call and deal structuring, to the lending approval process, and finally the servicing of the loan. Portfol handles the complex issues associated with the lending of public money - job tracking and reporting, accounting for different funding sources, and also the need to quickly and accurately respond to requests for information from outside sources Loan servicing and economic development tracking software for government and nonprofit lenders.

Vergleiche Unity Loan System. We not only originate the loan but provide servicing to include payment processing, credit bureau reporting and dozens of management reports. Available as a standalone database within the branch or as a hosted central site system to handle hundreds of branches. Application Processing; Calculation of interest, insurance and fees; and more. Google has filed a patent application in July , which has just recently become public claiming methods where robots can read and understand text in images and video.

The basic idea here is Google to be able to index videos and images and made them available and searchable by text or keywords located inside the image or the video. The inventors are Luc Vincent and Adrian Ulges. Digital images can include a wide variety of content.

For example, digital images can illustrate landscapes, people, urban scenes, and other objects. Digital images often include text. Digital images can be captured, for example, using cameras or digital video recorders. Text in a digital image derived, for example, from an urban scene e. A typical street scene includes, for example, text as part of street signs, building names, address numbers, and window signs.

If Google manages to implement that technology the consumer search will be taken to the next level and Google would have an access to much wider array of information far beyond the text only search it already plays a leading role in.

This, of course, raises some additional privacy issues as being properly noted by InformationWeek. Gogole had already privacy issues with Google Maps Street View and if that technology starts to index and recognize textual information from millions of videos and billions of pictures around Web things might go more complicated. Nonetheless if that technology bears the fruits it promises it will represent a gigantic leap forward in the progression of the general search technology.

There are open sources solutions to the problem. Perhaps not scalable and effective as it would be if Google develops it, yet they do exist. Andrey Kucherenko from Ukraine is known to have made a very interesting project in that aspect. His classes can recognize text in monochrome graphical images after a training phase. The training phase is necessary to let the class build recognition data structures from images that have known characters.

The training data structures are used during the recognition process to attempt to identify text in real images using the corner algorithm. Certain types of applications require reading text from documents that are stored as graphical images. That is the case of scanned documents.

An OCR Optical Character Recognition tool can be used to recover the original text that is written in scanned documents. These are sophisticated tools that are trained to recognize text in graphical images. This class provides a base implementation for an OCR tool.

It can be trained to learn how to recognize each letter drawn in an image. Then it can be used to recognize longer texts in real documents. Another very interesting start-up believed to be heavily deploying text recognition inside videos is CastTV. CastTV lets users find all their favorite online videos, from TV shows to movies to the latest celebrity, sports, news, and viral Internet videos. She asked CastTV the following question: Does CastTV work on something similar to what the patent is trying to cover for Google?

We do not know but the time will tell. Hope they make a nice exit from CastTV. Adobe has also some advances in that particular area. You can use Acrobat to recognize text in previously scanned documents that have already been converted to PDF. All deals will logically be ranked by their sizes and less weight will be put on the time the deal happened through out the year.

Deals from all IT industry sectors are considered and put in the list, from Web and Internet to the Mobile industry as well. Otherwise we think all deals are important, at least for its founders and investors. Other remarkable funding deals include: Yet another noteworthy deal is the Automattic wordpress. And the Web 2. Apparently Microsoft has this year lost the crown of being named the deepest pocket buyer. This is also the second megabillion dollar buyout in the maps LBS space. The all-cash deal tops a dramatic consolidation spree across the online advertising market sparked when Google Inc.

Whilst any acquisition of this size is interesting in itself, the back story to Opsware is even more so; Opsware was originally LoudCloud, a Web 1.

The company, which launched in October , has , current paid subscribers and 12 million activated users, primarily in the U.

The old time internet advertising firm had its origins serving ads for Yahoo! After numerous acquisitions it took its current name and grew to have 20 offices in 12 countries, serving over billion advertising impressions every month. EchoStar Communications Corporation , the parent company for DISH Network , has announced its agreement to acquire Sling Media, creator of the Sling suite, which lets you do things like control your television shows at any time, from their computers or mobile phones, or record and watch TV on your PC or Windows-based mobile phone.

Zimbra gained wide exposure at the Web 2. Recently they has also launched an offline functionality. AOL announced plans to buy Quigo and its services for matching ads to the content of Web pages. Under the terms of the agreement, Yahoo! AOL has announced the acquisition of New York-based Tacoda earlier this year, a behavior targeting advertising company that was founded in Oddly enough MySapce has dropped Photobucket off its social networking platform.

The dispute that led to the Photobucket videos being blocked on MySpace letter also led to acquisition discussions, and the block was removed. They have hired Lehman Brothers to help sell the company. Small business website creation service Homestead , started out in the web 1. WA , a Polish IM service, for The deal is all cash and mostly upfront, according to sources, although the founders will be locked in for a couple of years.

Question and answer reference site Answers. Lexico can really serve all your lexical needs because it also owns Thesaurus. Yahoo has acquired college sports site Rivals.

Rumors of talks first surfaced in April UGO media is yet another web 1. The startup StumbleUpon has been rumored to be in acquisition discussions since at least last November At the end of the day the start-up got acquired by eBay. The company was rumored to be cash-positive. Network Solutions was founded decades ago in and had a monopoly on domain name registration for years which led Verisign to pay billions to buy it.

That deal is symbolic for the Internet. Newsvine will continue operating independently, just as it has been since launching in March of The acquired company also indicated there would be little change in the features of the site.

Financial backers in the company included Carlyle and Qualcomm Ventures. Even though a global brand their site is getting just 4M unique visitors per month. The acquisition provides AOL with an advanced ad-serving platform that includes an array of ad management and delivery applications enabling website publishers to manage traffic and report on their online advertising campaigns. No details about the acquisition price were found on Web but we would suspect a large-scale deal and rank it very high.

Amazon have announced the acquisition of the digital camera information and review site dpreview. HP announced the acquisition of Cambridge, Massachusetts based Photo printing site Tabblo this morning. The price was not disclosed. GittiGidiyor reportedly has more than , listings and 17 million users, which is a considerable percentage of the Turkish population. Terms of the deals were not found publicly available.

Looking at the size of the Turkish site and the buying habits and history of eBay, the price should be considerably high, at least for the region. Microsoft is acquiring ScreenTonic , a local-based ads delivery platform for mobile devices, for an undisclosed amount.

This failure is sort of symbolic for the Web 2. What Edgeio is interesting with? First off it has been co- founded by Michael Arrington from Techcrunch , an influential, probably the most, blog that is symbolic itself for the web 2.