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There were terrific photo opportunities to record our special day. Dungeon Rushers is a really solid top-down RPG experience.

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The comparisons to Monument Valley are inevitable, and developer Miro was clearly inspired by it, but Euclidean Lands is an entity in its own right. Potion Explosion is a board game ported to mobile, and in my opinion it's the better for it.

The board game has a lot of pieces, which can be very fussy, and the digital version has -- wait for it -- an offline single-player mode. The idea is to match marbles to collect the ingredients to make potions, playing against an opponent in pass-and-play mode or online multiplayer, and the person who does the best potion-making wins the game.

It's a fair bit trickier than your standard match puzzler, and beautifully made. On the surface, graphic adventure Oxenfree looks laden with horror cliches -- a group of teens, an abandoned location, spooky ghosts speaking over a radio. It manages to transcend these tropes, though, with some brilliant writing -- believable, relatable characters, excellent dialogue, wonderful art and sound design, and a deeply weird and compelling story.

If you like minimalist exploration games with hearts that beat for discovery, Pan-Pan is for you. When the main character's balloon-ship crashes, it's up to you to explore the surrounding landscape, solving puzzles to build a new ship. Nothing is explained -- you need to figure everything out based on visual cues, so you might end up spending a lot of time wandering about touching things, trying to figure out what they do. But the game is an utter zen delight -- don't forget to pop on some headphones for the audio landscape.

Forsaken Destiny is a lovely foray into the exploration puzzler. You control a little horned guy with a backpack solving a series of puzzles in a desert land inhabited by monsters.

These involve finding switches that change the landscape and paths, allowing you to collect gems, activate statues and progress on to the next section. Remember " Ukiyo-e heroes ", the art series that reimagined video game heroes as traditional Japanese woodblock prints?

The creator of that art, Jed Henry, has now released his own video game, Edo Superstar , after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The art is based on a traditional Japanese style, and stars Masaru, a monkey who is fighting his way through Edo to enter the Zodiac Tournament, and be crowned the best fighter of all time other characters are also based on the Japanese zodiac.

It employs a gesture-based control system designed especially for the game, and the result is a genuinely unique and stylish game. Death Road to Canada is another game that you need to play a little to have it click. It's a randomly generated adventure game that sees you trying to flee the zombie-infested US with a motley crew of allies, fighting your way through the hordes of the undead and making decisions about what to do that may get you all killed It's all very tricky to balance, though.

Having a larger group means strength in numbers, but it also means more to feed -- and a higher chance that group infighting could break out.

It's weird, it's wild and it's a different experience every time you play. When you land yourself in prison, there's only one thing to do -- plot an elaborate escape and get the heck outta there. That's the premise behind strategy game The Escapists, but it's not as simple as digging a hole and escaping. You need to carefully plot your method, gather and craft the tools and supplies you need, avoid attracting suspicion, learn the routines of the guards and the other inmates, and make your break for freedom when opportunity is ripest.

This is a game that puts you right at the ground level of trying to build a kingdom. It comes under strategy-simulation-survival-roguelike, and sees you attempting to build a kingdom from scratch, then grow it and defend your crown from the hordes of monsters that roam the forest. All you have is a horse and a bag of coins in a 2D side-scrolling world.

You find and hire people living nearby to defend your settlement, and use your coins to expand and build. And success every time is not an option -- you will fail, but hopefully come back stronger and wiser. It's a game of delicate balance and surprising depth. Polywarp wears its Super Hexagon influence proudly on its sleeve, but it's absolutely its own beast. Sure, it consists of a rapidly ever-shrinking series of concentric shapes, but the idea is to make sure your shape in the centre is always the same as the next shape to shrink around it, moving in time with the beat.

The colours and unlockable palette and music, as well as a genuine sense of progression through the game, elevate Polywarp in the field of twitch arcade mobile games. This side-scrolling platformer is unlike any other.

You move through the levels by "pruning" cells from a blob of fungus, which causes new cells to grow elsewhere on the blob. By constantly pruning and reshaping the fungus, you learn to control it and make new shapes that can be moved around to solve puzzles on the levels, collect other organisms.

It's a clever take on the platformer that requires creative thinking. At last, a game that combines hacking and witchcraft! Beglitched is a weird combination of Bejeweled, Minesweeper and all things pink and adorable. Taking over from the Glitch Witch, you have to "hack" your way through the networks on her laptop, taking out rival hackers hiding therein by a combination of match-three gameplay and Minesweeper-style hide-and-seek.

The tutorial only gives you the absolute basics, so it takes some figuring out -- but that's part of the fun and boy is it worth the effort. It combines isometric turn-based tactical strategy a la Final Fantasy Tactics with colour-based tile matching. You need to plan your advances, attacks and retreats, taking advantage of the tile colours -- yellow for physical attack power, green for magic and red for health.

It makes for an excellent combination of elements, set against gorgeous art and a fabulous sci-fi story. Slayaway Camp is, at its core, a Sokoban -style puzzler, but it's what's wrapped around that core gameplay that makes it brilliant.

Unlike Quell , where you collect drops, you're the villain in a series of slasher movies, and you need to hit and slay! The graphics are voxel-based, which keeps the gore-fest entertainingly cartoony, and every detail has been lovingly thought about -- from the "rewind" option when you fall to the scattered bones you leave in your wake.

Some levels have limits or special features such as fires to help you dispatch your victims and provide hazards that you need to avoid yourself , and you can even earn coins to unlock special kills.

For such a bloodthirsty premise, it's an utter joy. Tinytouchtales' game Card Crawl combined a roguelike dungeon crawler with a solitaire-style card game. Now the developer has followed up with Card Thief, a game that seeks to do the same for stealth-style gameplay. As the eponymous thief, you need to learn how to make the most of shadows, take out foes, steal the treasure and make your escape. It sounds simple, but it's a game of richness and depth that slowly unfolds into something beautiful.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth won't be for everyone. You play a naked heavily stylised child, crawling deeper into the Earth's underbelly, slaying the monsters you find there using your tears as bullets in a grotesque bloodbath after the character's mother tried to kill him at the behest of God it's all very Old Testament.

If this does sound like it's up your alley, you're going to find a game of which you'll possibly never tire: Heart Star, made by developer Jussi Simpanen for Ludum Dare 48 in , is another platformer, but one that requires the control of not one, but two characters.

You need to control them together to activate areas of each level in the form of a maze so that both characters can reach their respective exit. It gets really tricky, but the lack of penalties makes it a really smooth, delightful experience. Splitter Critters is one adorable and clever puzzler. You have to guide the little critters to their flying saucer by drawing lines to split the screen and move the pieces so that the critters can get to different levels. It's a simple enough concept once you get going, but as you progress, the game keeps throwing challenging spanners into the works, such as new obstacles, and enemies that want to gobble up your critters.

Australian studio Mighty Games of Shooty Skies fame has turned its attention to the idle clicker, and Charming Keep is exactly what the name suggests charming. The idea is to build a bunch of shops, not unlike a tycoon game GLU's L'il Kingdom springs to mind , where you raise funds to rescue hapless princes from the dangers of their princely adventures. It strikes just the right balance of cute, funny and fun to play, with what feels like decent progression and without growing tiresome like some clickers do.

It's one of the most well designed titles of the genre. The roguelike grid-based dungeon-crawler is well-trodden ground at this point, but Downgeon Quest has managed to freshen it up. With a fairy-tale theme and heroes from famous tales , it sees you trawling levels of a dungeon looking to chase down a mischievous animal. The twist is that, in order to survive, you need to craft spells, weapons and other items from materials that can be found as you delve.

It spruces up the tried-and-true formula and puts a fun new spin on roguelike gameplay. Riverman Media makes some very strange games that are also very lovely see: Deathfall, The Executive, Pizza vs.

It's based on Pong, except it's a single player version where you control both paddles, and the aim is not to score goals but to use the ball to destroy glowing biomechanical sea creatures in ancient times. It's very strange, and very lovely, and a game that will challenge even the very best Pong players. Back in the days of floppy discs, games would sometimes be constructed from symbols on the screen representing the elements of the gameplay. The game itself seems to be fairly basic on the surface, but bosses and collectibles in the glitch-filled screens mean you'll be coming back to see what other secrets you can find -- and chase down a new high score.

Those who miss the intrepid, witty and urbane lady detective now have a reprieve, thanks to Tin Man Games , famous for its gamebook adventures. Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze is part point-and-click, part visual novel, seeing you scouring various scenes for clues and fabulous outfits to solve a series of mysteries. It's a delightful return to Phryne's adventures, with the beloved core cast of characters all making appearances.

This is a surprisingly sweet and hilarious RPG about, as the app description reads, "an avuncular unmarried unemployed man who lives alone making an RPG by himself. Yamada is an ordinary salaryman by day; by night, he's an intrepid game developer. Spurred by unrequited love for a girl he's never met and who is half his age , Yamada develops ever more fantastical levels where he can be a hero and where you can slay monsters, collect treasure and win the princess.

The setting of Stagehand is one with which you ought to be intimately familiar with by now: However, rather than controlling a little character leaping from platform to platform, you're controlling the landscape itself -- moving the platforms so that the autorunning character can move smoothly, without getting left behind and squished as the screen scrolls across.

Causality looks a little like Lara Croft Go , but it's only a superficial resemblance. Yes, you have to move your pieces around on the board to reach the exit, but there are no enemies to avoid.

Instead, you need to navigate multiple astronauts around the board, avoiding crossing paths because they can't and hitting buttons so that the astronauts can reach their respective exits. It ramps up when the time manipulation aspect comes into play, which brings clones onto the board. The game is a lot more complex than it looks on the surface, and will tie your brain in knots -- in a very good way indeed.

You thought Where's Wally was challenging, didn't you? The incredibly charming Hidden Folks uses a similar principle, but way more so and with a delightful soundtrack made up entirely of vocalisations. The game is made up of hand-drawn, black-and-white scenes, in which you need to locate the people, animals and items displayed on the bottom of the screen. But the scenes aren't static -- you need to poke around, move things aside and trigger little interactions to find some of the targets.

It's an absolute treasure of joyful discovery. Make no mistake, that element is still there -- we'd expect no less for the adaptation of the very first title in Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy books.

But the Tin Man team, avid tabletop gamers themselves, have also added a tabletop element, with turn-based combat where outcomes are determined by a toss of the dice.

The love that has gone into making this game absolutely shines -- it's a must-buy for fans of Fighting Fantasy. Dungeon Rushers is a really solid top-down RPG experience. You explore dungeons, square by square like a board game, encountering foes and defeating them with turn-based combat. There are 10 characters most of them need to be unlocked , and your party can contain up to five, each with their own skill trees, and a crafting system means that you can experiment with making equipment -- and later in the game, you can make your own maps and play PvP.

It's a strong combination of elements that works beautifully. Don't show this again. Prev Next Prev Next. Torment You might have seen, thanks to its recent release, a bit of buzz about a game called Torment: December 16, Caption: Monument Valley 2 Monument Valley by maker ustwo is such a wonderful, unique experience. Arkanoid vs Space Invaders We're not entirely sure why no one ever thought to combine Arkanoid and Space Invaders before, but the combination of Arkanoid's ball-bouncing and brick-breaking with Space Invaders' alien smooshing is perfect.

Square Enix See More. Layton's Mystery Journey Layton's Mystery Journey sees Professor Layton's daughter Katrielle take the mantle of mystery-solver, setting up her own detective agency, with the help of an assistant and a talking dog.

Level-5 Inc See More. Pigeon Wings The birds in Pigeon Wings ain't no walking slouches -- they're ace pilots, and only one is good enough to save the city.

Ignacio Schiefelbein See More. Age of Rivals Designed to be played in quick, minute sessions, civilisation-building card game Age of Rivals is not without depth and complexity. Roboto Games See More. Zip--Zap This physics-based puzzler is minimalistic and heaps of fun, playing out in bite-sized levels. Philipp Stollenmayer See More. Linelight Puzzle game Linelight is a representation of the very best mobile gaming has to offer.

BT Productions See More. Sunless Sea If you like exploration survival games with a rich story and complex depths, Failbetter's steampunkish Sunless Sea is an experience not to be missed. Failbetter Games See More.

Kris Pixton See More. Legend of the Redcap Created by a team of former Secret of Mana developers, Egglia is as strange, and as lovely, as you might expect. Kenny Sun See More. Spin Addict Side-scroller Spin Addict is a fabulous take on the runner. H8 Games See More. The Gentlebros See More. Beholder Beholder deserves a place of honour alongside brilliant dystopian titles such as Replica , Papers, Please and This War of Mine. Creative Mobile See More.

Disparity Games See More. Framed 2 Framed was another fresh and beautifully-designed game when released -- and Framed 2 really hits the mark, even improving on its predecessor. The Pavilion You're going to spend the first little while of Pavilion watching a little man run around, baffled as to what to do.

Visiontrick Media See More. XD Network See More. Castle Battles There's usually a lot of depth to real-time strategy. Light Arc Studio See More. Robot Unicorn Attack Forever While the magnificent rainbow core of Robot Unicorn Attack has been retained across the franchise since the first game landed in , each iteration has had its own spin.

Adult Swim See More. Sky Dancer I initially did not care for this game. Pine Entertainment See More. Michael Burns See More. Prison Architect Prison Architect coming as no surprise tasks you with building a maximum security prison. Paradox Interactive See More. Draknek Limited See More.

Broken Rules See More. John Kane See More. Vignettes Vignettes asks you, just for a while, to forget about goals a little. Armel Jestin See More. Onirim Asmodee Digital is building a really solid little stable of board and card games ported to mobile.

Asmodee Digital See More. Potion Explosion Potion Explosion is a board game ported to mobile, and in my opinion it's the better for it. Oxenfree On the surface, graphic adventure Oxenfree looks laden with horror cliches -- a group of teens, an abandoned location, spooky ghosts speaking over a radio. Night School Studio See More. Pan-Pan If you like minimalist exploration games with hearts that beat for discovery, Pan-Pan is for you. Forsaken Destiny After the End: Edo Superstar Remember " Ukiyo-e heroes ", the art series that reimagined video game heroes as traditional Japanese woodblock prints?

The seats are comfy and well-designed, with a single-leaf tray table that is easy to stow and deploy. The footrest on the seat combines with the legrest on the seat in front to make a very adequate leg support.

However, the inflight service is basically Economy with a few added extras like hot towels, and does not compare to the level of service on Air NZ, for example. Will try to avoid Singapore PE in the future, as not really worth the extra. Seat 14K was a great seat! Being near the toilet is not a problem for me. Recline was normal and nice to not have to worry about pax behind.

The foot rests are annoying and in the way. The seat was comfortable but it was very cold at the back. Needed two blankets to keep warm. Seat 74A lacks the availability of the extra storage bin found on the upper deck of the A This seat was comfortable in terms of good legroom, and being on the aisle it was easy to get up to access the locker and restrooms.

It was close to the galley and the stewardesses were lovely, inviting me to go to the galley anytime to get snacks or drinks. This was the first row in economy and near the front of the plane, so served early with meals and easy to get off quickly on arrival. It is against a bulkhead wall so my neighbour had to ask me to get up if she needed to go out.

The restrooms weren't far away. I was seated with a couple that had a baby in the bassinet but it was not an issue. They managed their baby really well throughout the long night flight from Zurich to Singapore - it hardly cried at all. Across the aisle to my left was another couple with a baby and I noticed that their window seat passenger was blocked into his seat by the bassinet. He had to ask them both to get up if he needed out to use the restroom.

I would not recommend seats 41 A or K for that reason. The seat on row 65A have no windows. One of the two window-side storage bins for this seat is unavailable.

Sat in this seat for a recent flight to Singapore from LHR. Plenty of room on the top deck despite the 13hr flight. We were well looked after by the Singapore Airlines staff, service very prompt and efficient, magnificent aircraft by the way. I am cm tall and found this seat to be most satisfactory. This seat and those adjacent suffer from the nearby business class toilets when they are flushed - the noise is very audible. The service from Singapre attendants was great.

The seat is very comfortable and spacious. Good selection of food use the "book a cook" previous the flight and you get a great meal. Beverage selection is good. After take off you get even a glass or two or three of champagne. Entertainment could be better. In particular I'm missing classic movies. Crew is very helpful and even good for a small talk. The PE seat is good, but the is an issue with the galley curtain. Your legs are constantly getting wacked with the curtain as the crew run in and out of the galley, very poor design, and could be fixed by simply possitioning it squarely with the bulkhead, instead of at 45 deg they are currently.

The food wash less than apertising. Very poor for an airline which was once a leader. This seat so nice cause have a nice big leg room but this sit view not really good cause the wing block the view.

I traveled on 3 A aircraft and found the Business Class seats very uncomfortable for a tall person. When in normal upright position,I found it difficult to get comfortable as the seat does not recline fully and there is nowhere to put you legs except in a small compartment at the front left side of the seat.

I found it very uncomfortable to sleep because of the limited leg space. In the end, I sat up all night. Food very ordinary, especially breakfast, with only 6 pieces of fruit and a bread roll. Virgin Australia and Etihad have much better business class seats. Water is not individual bottles. Food was tasteless and bland stodgy. Standard very uncomfortable seat, took a couple of days to get over the twisted back from the misshaped seat and the super uncomfortable bed - no worse than any other, and better than some but SQ has a poor product - and carpet was as grubby as in any old pub.

It's super busy and loud around the galley. Seats should be RED! Very cramped, but nice quiet noise of the a I recommend you fly on cathay pacific or another airline. Because this was super cramped and the headphones they gave you were bad quality and didn't stay in your ear.

OK, the seats are quite comfy but that is where the value for the extra fare ends. We were not even offered a cool drink on boarding. I can confirm this because the cabin crew just wheeled on by after serving PE pax. Would never pay the huge extra amount again on SQ. There's a high chance people will tread on your feet as they pass through the curtain, as the walkway from the area in front is directly in front of this seat. I had seat 51D on the way back from Paris last week and found it was great.

I am tall so was happy to pay the extra for the seat. Apparently the missing seat in front of 51D is because there is an emergency escape hatch under the carpet for the crew sleeping quarters which are immediately below.

I would make sure I got that seat again next time. On the way over to Paris there was a change of aircraft and Seat 51D had a seat in front of it so I ended up in seat 47H and it was nowhere near as good. The bulkhead between economy and premium economy prevents access to the overhead locker for this seat. The close proximity to the bassinets in economy is bothersome especially when the dividing curtain is not closed. I keep seeing comments about 71a 71c 71h 71k being in close proximity to the toilets, these toilets are only for business class curtain is drawn across during flight so no inconvenience excuse the pun during the flight of other economy class passengers hanging around waiting to P.

We were disappointed with these seats after the ER. The leg room was not as good with the foot stands interfering with being able to stretch out under the seat in front whether they were up or down. The screens were also smaller and the range of entertainment was less. Disappointing given this was a long tiring flight from Singapore to London. Also my daughter's entertainment system stopped working and couldn't be fixed. There is no storage box between seat and window as there is with other upper deck window seats.

Occupied by IFE box. Huge wide leather chair and ample footroom before you even reach the ottoman seat designed for use by a companion. This suite had 2 windows; some have 3. The bed pulls down from the back wall to create a proper bed that is wider than the seat convertion system used by other airlines and as it has a full mattress it allows proper sleep. Crew very attentive; food excellent; washroom alrge enough and spotless. Lots of cubby holes. Good 'track suit' provided. Aircraft fairly quite at this position.

Handy storage locker next to window seat so no need to have your bag under the seat in front of you. Lots of space between rows made access easy for window. Pleased I paid extra for PE when I looked at normal economy. I don't understand why seat 81A and 81K is marked in red. Yes it doesn't has a window, nor the storage bin one can find on all the other windows seat on the upper deck economy.

But you do get a mile long legroom as a result.